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KIROMEDICA Health Centre Reviews Continued


Relieved My Lower Back Pain

I have been a client of KIROMEDICA Health Centre for over five years, ever since being referred by my G.P. for lower back pain treatment. The doctor was able to relieve my symptoms after only three sessions and has kept the problem in check via routine visits ever since.

Michael F.

Best place to go to in the city

Very friendly and patient. Honest policy and won’t charge for anything unnecessary. Probably the best place to go to in the city.

Aous A.

First Rate

The centre and its people are first rate.

Karyn P.

My Pain Was Gone

In March 2015, I had double knee replacement at the age of 85.
It was very successful. However, I was left with some residual pain in the knees, which I mentioned to my Surgeon at my final check up in July. He said that I needed new orthotics due to the fact that his operation had straightened my legs. My legs had been slightly bowed from my severe osteo-arthritis.

I had new orthotics made for me by KIROMEDICA Health Centre. Within two days of receiving the orthotics my pain was gone, and I am able to walk longer distances.

I heartily recommend the orthotics made by KIROMEDICA Health Centre.

John F.

Helped Me Understand

KIROMEDICA Health Centre helped me understand the various issues with my knee and explained step-by-step how I can go about improving my status. After five weeks of treatment which included custom orthotics, foot & ankle examination and low-back treatment. I feel revived and am in much less pain. My Sincere thanks.

Navid H.

Back Pain

I’ve struggled with back pain for most of my adult life. After seeing a chiropractor, who I felt had less than good intentions, my friend recommended KIROMEDICA Health Centre. The doctor was able to easily identify the source of my issues and targeted the problem area. Within a few weeks I felt better. I highly recommend KIROMEDICA Health Centre.

Diana B.

Improved Range of Motions and Reduced Pain

KIROMEDICA Health Centre has been treating my Rotator Cuff injury for 1 1/2 years now. I found that laser is a fast, painless and yet effective resolution to my shoulder problems. It has given me improved range of motions and reduced pain.

Anne M. (April 2015)

Real Pleasure Getting Help From People That Care!

Thanks so much for your help and sincere concerns in wanting to get me up and running again. Real pleasure getting help from people that care!

Chris D.



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