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KIROMEDICA Health Centre Reviews Continued


Thank You Endlessly!

I need you to know just how much I appreciate every bit of direction you have given me. I feel your caring intentions has helped me vent out loud with your constructive direction allowing me to make my decisions. Thank you endlessly. I will continue to keep you in the fold of my progress. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

C. L.

Chiropractic Care Changes Lives

“Following is a brief testimony about my experience so far with chiropractic care. A few months ago, my right arm and shoulder were in pain because of accumulated bad postures at the computer. My Family Doctor referred me to a chiropractor which is a remarkable event coming from the traditional medical society.

The chiropractor started regular treatments and after 2 months I had no longer pain and numbness in the right arm and shoulder. This was more remarkable than expected since it was obtained without any medication and/or painkillers. I have to continue to behave myself correctly with the computer and with my health in general.

I will continue to see the chiropractor and also, my Family Doctor at regular time intervals. I have to stop now writing this testimony on the computer to maintain my right arm in good shape.

Kind Regards,”


Help for Aching Feet

“KIROMEDICA Health Centre treated my aching feet with Shock Wave. Really. After a treatment or two the pain subsided. Now we are at treatment six, the plain is mostly gone.

I have been going to doctors with my feet for 15 years, or so. How come nobody told me about this magic cure?”

G. G.

Chronic Pain

“I had chronic pain for many years, after following your treatment plan I am now pain free.”

J. C.

Shoulder Pain Relief

“Your laser therapy helped heal my shoulder pain that I had for several years.”


Quality Custom Orthotics

“I had bought my initial pair of custom orthotics elsewhere and noticed a considerable difference in quality in the custom orthotics that I bought from you. I was also very pleased with the thorough examination that you provided to properly fit me with my new orthotics. They are great!”


Neck and Low Back Pain

“No more neck or lower back pain! Thanks for your professional services.”

F. P.

Back and Elbow Help

“I can golf again with no more back or elbow pain.”

N. K.

Pain Relief

“Thanks for fixing my back.”

C. K.

Low Back Relief

“Extremely thorough and professional. My lower back was cured in 4 visits.”

L. S.

Fixed my Problem

“I went elsewhere for therapy and it wasn’t working. KIROMEDICA Health Centre pinpointed exactly the cause, treated it and fixed my problem in 6 visits.”

D. L.

Laser Relieved My Pain

“I had chronic pain for several years. KIROMEDICA Health Centre used their powerful laser and made a significant improvement in 4 visits.”


Relief with Laser

“Your laser therapy treatments really helped me. I am pain free now.”


Best Orthotics ever

“Best Orthotics ever. Don’t hesitate to get yours from KIROMEDICA Health Centre.”

D. B.



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